Online shadowing practise in Latvia

Online shadowing practise in Latvia


About the practice

Where: Riga, Latvia
Start date: September 2021
Status: active
Beneficiaries: New workers - both from disadvantaged and not disadvantaged groups
Funded by: Sonido’s clients internal resources


Online Shadowing is a practice offered by Sonido, a call centre whose employees are knowledgeable in a wide range of subjects and industries. The aim of this solution is to practically show the specifics of the call center work practice to new workers. The latter are first offered a full understanding of the telework practice; afterwards, they are put together with more skilled workers so that they can follow their work practices through the Zoom platform. Since most of the training is based on the e-platform, it is easier for new workers to understand the practice and gain skills through observing and “shadowing” other workers. Online Shadowing is meant as the middle step to evaluating if the worker fits the position. Mostly it is one hour-long session which is also recorded to be watched afterward. 

Five people have been supported through this practice until now.


When a new worker starts the job, his/her qualifications are checked and needs are identified. Based on this, Sonido develops the learning path of the person that needs to be trained. After an initial theoretical explanation, the new worker is paired up with a more advanced one, who is chosen based on the skills level of the trainee. The two workers then connect through Zoom and the new worker starts following the other one in performing the job. 

The progress of each participant is checked once the new worker starts performing tasks on his/her own.


Online shadowing allows workers to gain all the practical skills they need to perform their job.


The innovation of this solution consists in the practice of shadowing the actions of other workers through the Zoom platform.


Workers are more equipped with practical learning through observation and the following of the actions of other workers. 

The practice is sustainable as it does not require much extra costs for the companies that benefit from it. 


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