Join the B-WISE Alliance!

In the framework of the long-term sustainability and Exploitation Plan of the B-WISE project, the consortium is promoting the creation of a Community of Practice, which will later evolve into an Alliance gathering the project partners, European WISEs representatives, VET providers and other relevant stakeholders willing to ensure the project’s long-term sustainability, active at both the European and the national level to strengthen the WISE sector as a whole. This European Alliance, established by a memorandum signed by their members and based on sustained partnerships between education and training providers and key industry stakeholders at the appropriate level, is meant to continue the work started by the B-WISE project and coordinate an implementation of the project’s findings and conclusions even after the end of the project.

What’s the purpose of the Alliance?

The broader goal of the B-WISE Alliance is to enhance the network of WISEs and VET providers at national and European levels. The Alliance will then work at the implementation of the Sectoral skills strategy (Blueprint) for WISEs in Europe  and its long-term action plans defined and explained in the memorandum to reinforce the overall sector across Europe.

What has the Alliance to offer to its members? 

Joining the B-WISE project's Alliance is highly beneficial as it provides a platform for collaborative learning and knowledge exchange, particularly in addressing digital skills needs within Work Integration Social Enterprises (WISEs). Members gain access to valuable resources, up-to date information, engage in networking opportunities, and have a direct influence on shaping and implementing the European strategy for the WISE sector. The Alliance fosters a collaborative environment, enhancing the impact of the project by leveraging diverse perspectives and experiences.Are you interested in what the B-WISE Consortium has achieved so far? You can read more on the results of the B-Wise Project!

What does the Alliance ask from its members? 

The Alliance welcomes all those potential members willing to commit to the goals enshrined in the memorandum and eager to share their knowledge and expertise with the other members of the alliance.

How can potential Alliance members sign up?

If you are interested in joining the B-WISE alliance please contact Martina