B-WISE at the EMES Transdisciplinary Forum: 11-14 September 2023

B-WISE at the EMES Transdisciplinary Forum: 11-14 September 2023


B-WISE shared insights at the EMES Transdisciplinary Forum, organised within the framework of the 9th EMES Conference in Frankfurt, emphasizing a person-centered approach, the value of soft skills besides digital ones, organizational improvement, and the empathetic work of WISE sector members.

B-WISE was honoured to participate in the EMES Transdisciplinary Forum, organised within the framework of the 9th EMES Conference taking place in Frankfurt on September 11-14, 2023. We had the opportunity to present the project's findings and proposed tools. The forum provided a platform for fruitful discussions with participants, focusing on how these findings and curricula meet the specific needs of the German WISE sector.

Key messages emerged from our workshop discussions, shedding light on critical aspects for the advancement of the sector:

 A central theme emphasized the importance of adopting a person-centered approach, ensuring that every target group is actively involved in all project tasks and development processes. By prioritizing the needs and perspectives of individuals, we can create more inclusive and effective solutions.

While digital skills are essential in today's economy, the forum highlighted the significance of also prioritizing soft skills alongside technical competencies. Recognizing the value of interpersonal skills ensures that workers in the WISE sector are equipped to thrive in diverse workplace environments.

Participants underscored the need to focus on the holistic improvement of WISE organizations. This approach recognizes that sustainable progress requires attention to all aspects of the enterprise, including management practices, workforce development, and operational strategies.

Lastly, the forum celebrated the empathetic work of individuals within the WISE sector. Their dedication and compassion play a vital role in supporting marginalized communities and fostering social inclusion. It's crucial never to overlook the human element in our pursuit of organizational excellence.

As we reflect on the insights gained from the EMES Transdisciplinary Forum, we are inspired to continue our efforts in empowering the WISE sector. By prioritizing person-centered approaches, nurturing a diverse set of skills, and fostering holistic organizational growth, we can create more inclusive and resilient communities.

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The B-WISE project, Blueprint for Sectoral Cooperation on Skills in Work Integration Social Enterprises, is an Erasmus + project coordinated by EASPD with the support of ENSIE.